`Steering’: The #1 Ripoff Scam That Insurance Companies Pull On You After Your Car Has Been In An Accident

By Nabanita Dutt | February 25, 2018

Nobody plans in advance to be in a car accident. But if you drive a vehicle, then road accidents are always an unfortunate possibility. The more you drive, the more likely you are to have one. In the state of Tennessee, for example, the state government reported there were a total of 149,675 car accidents…

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11 Tips On How To “Break-In” A Brand New Car

By Nabanita Dutt | February 21, 2018

Ownership of a brand new vehicle is a pretty emotional experience, and naturally, new car-owners cannot wait to try every modern feature and enjoy the speed and smooth ride as much as they can during this exciting, courtship period. But getting to know your new car better comes with a rather frustrating caveat. Like a…

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Black? Blue? Brown? Grey? White? What The Color Of Your Exhaust Smoke Is Trying To Tell You

By Nabanita Dutt | February 18, 2018

When tailpipe emissions are unusual, and you’re seeing smoke, it’s quite an unsettling experience because you have no idea if there is a serious problem with the car that needs to be checked out before something terrible happens to the engine. True, unusual smoke emission is definitely cause for concern – but also know this:…

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Why Owning A Black Car Is Such A Bad Idea!

By Nabanita Dutt | February 14, 2018

The attraction of a black car is undeniable. The color has represented power, wealth and aristocracy in the automotive sector since its inception in the 1890s, and even Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, put his seal of approval on it when he famously said, “Any customer can have a car painted any…

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Microfiber Towels: Your Car Detailing Will Never Look Great Unless You Wash Them The Right Way

By Nabanita Dutt | February 11, 2018

It’s not the quality of wax or polish or detergent you use. For a pro-level finish, it’s the microfiber towels that are your number one car-detailing tool. Car enthusiasts who wash and clean their vehicles at home often take these towels for granted. But microfiber towels are used during every stage of the car-cleaning process.…

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Cannot Afford A Whole Porsche Or A Mustang? Buy A Piece Of These Classic Cars Then – In The Shape Of A Watch!

By Nabanita Dutt | February 7, 2018

Have you always dreamed of owning a Porsche that’s knocking around somewhere in the rarified price range of $ 90,000 and beyond? Or a classic Ford Mustang that’s still a wildly impossible fantasy? This story is for you then, because while you wait for your dream car to manifest into reality one day, you can…

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Valentine’s Day Special: 8 Romantic Getaways Within Driving Distance From Nashville, TN

By Nabanita Dutt | February 4, 2018

A Valentine’s Day guide to all our favorite romantic getaways that are well within driving distance from Nashville. Even though February 14th is on a Wednesday this year, who says you cannot take a couple of days off anyway to celebrate your sweetheart with a getaway treat that is way more adventurous and romantic than…

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12 Winter Driving Tips To Avoid A Car Accident

By Nabanita Dutt | January 31, 2018

Winter driving tests the patience and skill of even the most experienced drivers. If you live in parts of the country that receive heavy snowfall and make roadways extremely unsafe during winter months, here are 12 tips that will help you avoid a possible car accident. Read them through just once, and the information will…

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12 Interesting Facts About Audi That Every Audi Fan Should Know

By Nabanita Dutt | January 28, 2018
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9 Common Car Detailing Mistakes A Lot Of People Make

By Nabanita Dutt | January 24, 2018

Some car-owners enjoy the time they spend cleaning and detailing their car. For others, it’s a chore. But like it or hate it, cleaning your car the right way will save a ton of small, routine damages to the exterior and interior, and keep your car looking like new:   Mistake # 1: Claying Too…

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