ILVTOFU And-Other-Amusing-License-Plate-Controversies

ILVTOFU — And Other Amusing License Plate Controversies

By Nabanita Dutt | May 30, 2017

If you’ve ever been stuck behind a car with an interesting license plate, chances are you spent an entertaining minute or two, trying to decode what the cryptic number + alphabet code means – and what it tells about the person who owns it. I suppose a lot of people do this – try to…

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3 Reasons Why Customer TRUST Is In Such Low Supply In The Auto Collision Industry

By Nabanita Dutt | May 30, 2017

When you think of professions that consumers distrusts the most, it’s lawyers and car salesmen who speedily come to mind. In both cases, consumers are being `sold’ a product or service that they don’t understand much about, and therefore they feel they are sitting ducks, waiting to be ripped off by any unscrupulous individuals within…

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Summer Driving: 13 Hacks To Stay Cool While Driving In Sweltering Heat

By Nabanita Dutt | May 30, 2017

Summer driving is a lot of fun, which is why people plan maximum road trips around this time. But once in your car with many days and hours of driving ahead, the sun and heat can become serious killjoys. To negotiate extreme hot weather and make summer driving a lot more comfortable, read on: QUICK,…

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Recycling Car Parts: Reduce Your Vehicle’s Carbon Footprint By Recycling These 7 Auto Components

By Nabanita Dutt | May 30, 2017

As a car-owner, you’re always having to replace old, worn-out auto parts. Old tires, depleted batteries, used oil etc. – they all need to be switched out from time to time as basic auto maintenance. But did you know that by recycling car parts, many of these old, unwanted materials can be put back in…

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Auto Painting: 3 Ways Your Car Color Can Get You Into Trouble

By Nabanita Dutt | May 30, 2017

  RED gets a bad rap all around because it is perceived as an aggressive, high-energy color. People think red car drivers are more likely to drive rash, drive drunk and there is even a popular urban legend that auto insurance companies charge more for vehicles with red auto painting. Studies and data gathered from…

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Bumper Repair: 9 Things You Must Know If Your Car Has Just Been Involved In A Bumper Bash-up

By Nabanita Dutt | May 30, 2017

Car bumpers are your first line of defense in a low-speed collision scenario, and they are designed to prevent or reduce damage to the front and rear ends of your car. Which is why bumper repair is a very common fix-up job that most auto repair shops have to do for their clients. Thousands of…

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Stop Topping Off Gas Tanks! 4 Reasons Why You’re Harming Your Car, Yourself And Others Every Time You Do It!

By Nabanita Dutt | May 30, 2017

Gas station pumps are designed to stop pulling gas from the underground reserve when a car’s tank is signaled as full. Topping off gas tanks means you’re manually pumping in a little bit more, even after the nozzle has `clunked’ to a stop. Catching every last trickle and drop that comes out when you do…

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Auto Insurance Scam: Why A Quick Turnaround Of Your Damaged Car Could Be A Very Bad Thing

By Nabanita Dutt | May 29, 2017

Auto collisions are not an eventuality that most car-owners prepare for. But there are over 6 million accidents happening in the United States every year, and no matter how safely or defensively you drive, the possibility of a car collision always exists. Right after an accident that involves a lot of property damage, car-owners are…

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13 Most Iconic Cars Ever In Movies From The Past 20 Years

By Nabanita Dutt | May 9, 2017

                          13 MOST ICONIC CARS EVER (1997-2015)   1997 AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY In the film, Austin – Mike Myers, playing a thawed-out British secret agent — owns a rare and iconic 1970 E-Type Jaguar with a Union Jack exterior and…

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Auto Painting: Is Your Current Car Color Lucky For You? Find Out From This Feng Shui Kua Chart

By Nabanita Dutt | May 8, 2017

Auto painting is one of the most exciting things about buying a new car. What color is it going to be, will it suit the buyer’s personality and lifestyle, is it going to be hard to maintain in all weather conditions, how much dirt and grime is going to show… New car owners spend a…

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