Halloween On Wheels: Which Side Of The Halloween Trunk-Or-Treat Debate Are You On?

By Nabanita Dutt | October 18, 2017

If you haven’t heard of trunk-or-treating yet, it’s a new twist on the good, old trick-or-treating tradition that now involves cars. Halloween candy-gatherers come together in a community parking lot and do the business of trick-or-treating from the trunk of their parent’s cars. Started by a group of churches in USA and Canada, the idea…

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8 Reasons Why Leather Car Seats Are NOT A Cool, Classy Upgrade

By Nabanita Dutt | October 15, 2017

I hate leather seats. The touch of leather (or faux leather) against my bare skin feels like cold wet slime, and fills my stomach with unpleasant, creepy, crawly sensations. Every time I find leather seats in a long-haul flight, I worry how I will survive the next 14-16 hours sitting on one. (Usually I pad…

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6 Ways You May be Destroying Your Car Without Realizing It

By Nabanita Dutt | October 11, 2017

Cars are like precious lovers. You cannot – and should not – be taking them for granted. A lot of owners love their cars to death when the acquisition is new, carefully wiping fingerprints off the paintwork and making sure the interiors remain squeaky clean to match the new-car scent they come with. But sadly,…

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Confused About Which Spare Tire To Buy? Here Are Your 4 Best Options

By Nabanita Dutt | October 8, 2017

Driving without a spare tire is a constant risk that no concientous auto driver should ever take. Tires can blow out at any time, and if you’re caught unawares in the night or on some lonely stretch of road with no service centers nearby to go get help from, you’ve dug yourself into a hole…

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Collision Repair: Ready To Accept Your Auto Insurance Company’s First Lowball Settlement Offer? DON’T!

By Nabanita Dutt | October 4, 2017

You must have heard this before, but let me tell you once again: your auto insurance is not your friend. In fact, after you’ve been in a car accident, your insurer is actually your opponent in disguise. They’re not interested in helping you. They’re keen to close your case as quickly as possible and get…

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5 Best Times Of The Year To Score The BIGGEST DISCOUNTS On A New Car

By Nabanita Dutt | October 1, 2017

So, you’re ready to buy a new car. You’ve already done months of research, arranged your budget and got pre-approved for a loan. Now all that’s left to do is go out and score the wheels of your dreams. You probably already know that you’re not going to pay sticker price. No smart car-buyer does.…

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Ford F-150 Auto Body Repair: The ONE Problem With The Aluminum F-150 Model That Owners Have Not Considered!

By Nabanita Dutt | September 30, 2017

At Price’s Collision, we receive almost daily calls from owners of the Ford F-150’s latest, 2015 version because we are one of the few auto body repair centers in the Tennessee and Kentucky area that has the right equipment and special skill-set required to work on the model. Because owners of the Ford F-150 are…

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15 Tips To Keep Your VINTAGE CAR Safe And Dry As Beef Jerky During Long-Term Storage This Year

By Nabanita Dutt | September 27, 2017

Vintage cars are occasional, pleasure cars – and October is usually the month when connoisseurs start planning to put their precious vehicles into storage. As any classic-vintage car restorer or mechanic will tell you, they see some of the worst damages on old cars caused by improper storing practices. It is not just corrosion that…

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5 Cool Car Door Designs That Push The Boundaries Of Imagination!

By Nabanita Dutt | September 23, 2017

Cool car door designs are not something you get to see all the time. They’re so rarely visible on the roads, in fact, that most people think they’re make-believe prototypes created only for fantasy and sci-fi films. Fact is, cool doors are often seen on concept cars – the auto version of fashion runway clothing…

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14 Weird Car DIY Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

By Nabanita Dutt | September 20, 2017

Most of these DIY fix-ups will give car mechanics a few sleepless nights, but you got to admire the genius minds that actually came up such bizarre hacks…   #1: Leaky sunroof? Open an umbrella…   #2: Broken airbag? These pieces of foam mattress should no nicely in the event of an accident…   #3:…

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